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As a TYPO3-certified developer, we are acquainted with almost all aspects of TYPO3. By now, we have worked on manifold projects for clients and agencies from the DACH region.

We use as few plugins as possible and work as close to the core as we can. In practice, that means that the project can function and be updated for a long time down the road and that we can influence almost all aspects of the app.


All technologies from one source

With us, you get all the technologies from one source, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and TYPO3 – perfectly aligned.

There is no friction in communication, and therefore, no losses. Editors can easily maintain almost all content.

Clean, scalable TYPO3

We deliver responsive and SEO-optimised TYPO3 projects. The entire TYPO3 installation, alongside the plugins, can easily be updated.

Quick & direct support

We are located in Serbia (CET) and are available via phone, Skype and Slack.
Besides Serbian, we speak German and English fluently.

Standardisierte Komponenten

Wir verwenden ausschließlich stabile Versionen standardisierter OpenSource Software. Damit ist die Seite problemlos durch Dritte pfleg- und erweiterbar.

Of course, everything goes through Git. Currently, we develop with MAMP and DDEV.


We have pre-configured workflow modifiable when needed. This way, we avoid mistakes and quickly identify problems.

  • We begin

    Send the docs you have. Send us also a NDA if needed.

  • Do we have all the info?

    If the offer fulfils your expectations, we begin. With our checklists, we try to eliminate as many problems as early as possible.


    1. We check if we have all the information in the appropriate format.
    2. In written form, we define how the backend, frontend, and plugins work.
    3. We define your and our contact persons.

    When everything has been sorted out in writing, we begin.

  • We begin!

    We create a CRM account and an account for tracking bugs which you will have access to.

    We develop locally and update online at regular intervals. Here, you can test the project and give us feedback via the bug tracker.

    You can even start adding content. That way, we can immediately see if we should intervene.


    1. TYPO3 in the current LTS version (currently V11)
    2. Extbase/Fluid without other plugins for templates
    3. Customised CSS with SASS
    4. JS/TypeScript
  • We test, test, test…

    The Beta version is ready. We thoroughly test the project. Our checklists are comprehensive and include the following points:

    1. Sys and Error log checks
    2. htaccess settings (caching, languages, etc.)
    3. System Security
    4. Google Pagespeed and Mobile Check
    5. GTmetrix check
    6. TYPO3 Cache
    7. Translatability
    8. Links

    In short, we test the site in such a way that it can be activated immediately.
    At this point, you have the chance to examine the site in detail.

  • … & voila

    The project is ready on our server.

    1. The project stays on our servers for at least one month after its completion.
    2. After finalising the payment, you receive SQL and FTP of dump information such as TAR. Alternatively, you can get SSH access.

    If you want, we can take over the installation, too. We calculate this additional service by the hour. For this, we need Git and SSH.

In the many years of our collaboration, we appreciate their proactive thinking, pragmatic and clean implementation, and pleasant direct contact.

Lukas Rüegg
Geschäftsführer RTP – TYPO3 Agentur

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We have been working with Intention for many years. Problem-solvers with lots of experience and plenty of understanding for clients.

Alexander Krapp
Geschäftsführer Soul Surf

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