do you have a new
web project?

Standard solutions everywhere – but not with us. We come up with and design custom-made applications – dedicated, scalable, and stable.

  • We are looking for challenges

    We are occupied until the end of August 2024. After that, we are available for projects.

    We prefer working with mid-market and large enterprises or digital agencies with speedy decision-making processes. This way, we make the best choices for you and your project.

    Contact us or learn more about our previous projects. You’re an agency? Head over here.

  • What currently does not work for us

    Right now, we are not taking on short-term projects. Additionally, we are unable to take over ongoing projects or update existing projects.

    We will gladly counsel you about TYPO3 via phone or email.

  • What generally does not work for us

    We do not offer SEO and SEM. We also do not build Android and iOS applications.

    Someone has messed up an existing project? It’s happened to us, too. Nothing good ever came from it. This is the worst-case scenario for the beginning of a new partnership.

A successful, long-term collaboration. The best words for their quick reaction to our requests, as well as for their professionalism and efficiency. We wholeheartedly recommend them.

Sandra Paunović
E-Commerce Lead PS Fashion

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Intention has, with a high level of professionalism and flexibility, been a partner of Benedict Group for more than 10 years.

Cem Topçu
Marketing Manager Benedict

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A successful collaboration of over ten years. We appreciate Intention’s efficiency, speed, and reliability. A long-term partner of ours from the very beginning.

Aleksandar Ružesković
Marketing Manager „Forma Ideale“

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We have been working with Saša and his team since 2014, and we appreciate their flexibility, as well as pragmatism and goal-oriented way of working.

Michael Schmidt
Impact Business Portal

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Collaboration with Saša and his team is competent, reliable, and goal-oriented. Always coming up with great ideas and seedy feedback. I am very satisfied with this collaboration.

Jochen Möller
mIT solutions GmbH

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the way
we work

  • Quick call


    Choose an appointment. We talk about the idea and more often than not, even during the call we can tell if we can help – with no strings attached.

    After the call, you receive an email with a rough estimate of the price and additional information/questions. If it sounds interesting, we move on.

  • First meetings

    We organise a video call or an in-person meeting. We should prepare so that we could get down to business as soon as possible. It would be ideal if everyone involved in the decision-making and those affected by it is included.

    After the exchange, we get concrete. We either have enough information or we prepare for the second meeting. From this point on, our communication is decentralised.

    At this point at the latest, we have the exact cost and project plan.

  • Concept & project approval

    We love iterating.

    That is why we plan in stages. For the next step of the project, we delegate tasks. We stay in touch regarding upcoming steps.

  • Design & programming

    It is time to get to work. We work with initial drafts to get closer to your wishes. When we program, we work with a development server so that you can track the current status.


  • We make processes simple.

    Attention is expensive.

    On the one hand, the user does not have enough time. They want fast loading time and fast results.

    For you and the user to be able to focus on important things, we optimise the rest – we optimise many processes and implement everything so that the project can be used and maintained intuitively.

  • We think strategically

    Quick and dirty is sometimes necessary – but this is not the way to start a partnership.

    We are the right partner for long-term strategy:

    1. We view every project we work on as a digital platform.
    2. Already during the first meeting, we ask about your plans for a few years ahead.
    3. Design and backend are entirely separate so that we can continually customise the appearance without affecting functionality.
    4. We plan technological development a few years ahead.
    5. We program bearing updates in mind.

    So, a ten-year project seems realistic. We would gladly support you during the entire duration of the project.


contact us with
no strings attached

A quick call or an email exchange and we’ll already know if further collaboration makes sense. Call us  +381 34 6500311  or send an email to